Catalyse Collaboration for an

Engaged and Creative Team

Catalyse Collaboration is for leaders who want to unlock latent value in individuals, teams and whole organisations.

It focuses on strengthening the everyday, professional relationships on which the success of any group of people working together depends.

Horizontally and vertically, internally and externally, within teams and between teams – it's the quality of these connections that determines everything.

And it's in these connections that creative conversation gets to work unlocking value.

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Catalyse Collaboration is flexibly designed to meet the needs of all types of organisation, in three formats – for whole organisation change, coaching for individuals and as a series of core workshops for skills training.

Catalyse Collaboration

Develop creative conversation skills in this four-week course, which blends structured online learning and a weekly mixed group skills workshop. Fun, engaging and highly interactive, you'll see how creative conversation can help you positively transform your relationships at work – and beyond

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Catalyse Collaboration Personal Coaching

You want to connect with people more effectively in a wide range of situations – but you're busy! We can design a creative conversation programme to meet your individual needs, blending structured online learning and regular 1-2-1s over a ten-week period.

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Catalyse Collaboration Organisations

It’s the big one. You want to maximise the value of the entire human network of your organisation by establishing creative conversation as a habit for everyone. We do it in three stages, starting with a thorough organisational health check ...

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We’ve written books on it

All of our programmes are based on our ground-breaking book, The Talking Revolution, and key elements of Understand to Prevent, the pioneering work – edited and co-written by one of our team – on how military and civilian actors can collaborate to prevent violent conflict.

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