Catalyse Collaboration

Unlocking latent value throughout your organisation is the Holy Grail of culture change. But as with the Holy Grail, many set out – only to fail.

So what's different about our approach?

The answer can be summed up in two words – creative conversation.

Creative conversation is a form of engagement that consciously strives to create something positive in every interaction, with everyone. It's not based on abstract theory but rooted in the detailed nitty-gritty of how we human beings connect with each other when we're at our best – and it's precisely there, in the nitty-gritty, that it delivers value.

Less a quest for the Holy Grail. More a 3-Stage route map to hidden treasure.


— 01 —

Human Network Health Check

We conduct a survey with a representative sample of your people – including the CEO and members of the Senior Leadership Team/Board – to assess their view of how the organisation’s current reality rates against key criteria of a strong human network.

This highlights the key strengths and – crucially – areas for improvement and informs the co-design of Stage 2.

— 02 —

The Pioneer Group

We then co-design and deliver a ten-week programme of creative conversation for carefully chosen pioneer cohort – including the CEO, members of the Senior Leadership Team/Board and a selection of ‘ambassadors’ identified by you.

The programme is centred on a series of weekly two-hour webinars, supported by e-learning materials, peer-to-peer support groups and 1-2-1 coaching for each participant.

Measures of success are co-designed with you – tailored to your specific needs – and co-evaluated during and at the end of the programme.

— 03 —

Train the Trainer

We then deliver an accreditation programme for two internal candidates, chosen from the Pioneer Group, to prepare them to lead the roll-out of the programme across the organisation.  

The chosen candidates will be trained up and shadowed by one of our coaches through a second series of workshops with the next cohort of 12 ‘ambassadors’.

On completion of the three stages you will thus have a new training function in place to lead the roll-out of the programme to the critical mass of employees (25-30%) that research has shown is needed to permanently embed the culture of creative conversation across your whole organisation.

Let's have a Creative Conversation

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