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Personal Coaching

As a leader you know how important personal communication is to every aspect of your work with colleagues, customers, suppliers – everyone.

But right now you know that for some reason you're not getting the best out of people – or yourself. There's something missing...

True connection.

Our tailored personal coaching in the skills of creative conversation blends structured online learning and regular 1-2-1s over a ten-week period to help you connect with people more fully in a wide range of situations.

And bit by bit, as your communication habits change for the better, so will your relationships at work – and beyond.

  • Bespoke course designed to meet your specific needs
  • Learning blends short daily online exercises and regular 1-2-1 coaching
  • Accessible via phone or laptop
  • Applicable immediately to your own unique circumstances – you practise your new skills wherever you are
  • Builds your confidence and develops positive new habits over ten weeks
YOu'll Learn how...
  • 'understand first' saves time, trouble, money and pain
  • to challenge others in a way that opens up communication
  • to collaborate more effectively with others
  • to connect meaningfully with a wider range of people and opinions
  • to talk so that others listen and listen so that others talk
  • to maximise your ability to be fully understood
  • to use disagreement to create positive change
  • to create something of value in every conversation

Let's have a Creative Conversation

Send us your name and email and we'll get in touch to arrange a time to have an initial chat, where we can understand your specific needs and how our Personal Coaching might help Catalyse Collaboration for you.

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