Don't Waste a Good Conflict!
Transform it into Collaboration

Resolving conflict tries to end it. Managing conflict seeks to minimise it. But transforming conflict aims to turn negative into positive and uncover hidden value.

It sounds a contradiction but 'There's gold in them thar conflicts' – literal and metaphorical. Because conflict is driven by an energy that, reframed and redirected, can create dynamic, forward-looking collaboration and growth.

We take the dysfunctional relationships that are causing problems for you and your organisation.

We analyse with you what positive change is needed.

And then, in a carefully designed series of practical steps, we take those involved on a 'working journey' of creative transformation.

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Our programmes are for leaders at any level who want to forge a path to transform damaging conflict into collaboration and creativity. They come in three formats – for groups, for individuals and as a series of core workshops.

Transform Conflict

Using a current conflict as your 'raw material', develop some core  transformation and creative conversation skills in this four-week  course, which blends structured online learning and a weekly mixed group skills workshop.

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Transform ConflicT
Personal Coaching

If your time is under pressure –and conflict is taking up far too much of it – we can design a programme to meet your individual needs and schedule, blending structured online learning and regular 1-2-1s over a ten-week period.

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Transform Conflict
Senior Teams

Recognising that any team can fall out, including at the highest level, this is a discreet process that takes your deadlocked group on a working ‘journey’ of conflict transformation, in three distinct stages over a co-designed timeline.

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I really enjoyed your course. The content and the coaching sessions were very helpful and interesting. Definitely changed the way I communicate!

— NED —

A unique piece of learning, guiding us to a series of outcomes and providing tools for use in a range of future environments. Thank you.


I found the process to be useful for me personally and I have taken things from it that I am using on a regular basis. I have found myself consciously trying to better understand others’ positions in other situations.

— CFO —

It has united a number of the board members more closely. There has been honest and open dialogue.

— CEO —

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Or is problem-solving more your style? Try our 2-minute diagnostic tool to receive an instant report showing your default approach to handling conflict.

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We’ve written books on it

All of our programmes are based on our ground-breaking book, The Talking Revolution, and key elements of Understand to Prevent, the pioneering work – edited and co-written by one of our team – on how military and civilian actors can collaborate to prevent violent conflict.

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