Transform Conflict

This series of transformative workshops is for busy professionals whose work is hampered by conflict – and want the skills to make things better.

We’ve designed a four-week course that blends structured online learning – short exercises completed in your own time – and a series of four two-hour workshops. Using a real and current conflict that matters to you as your 'raw material', you can learn and start to practise with confidence the basic skills of conflict transformation and creative conversation.

The workshops are delivered externally – you join with others from different organisations – or they can be delivered in-house to selected groups of colleagues who you think will benefit from the programme.

  • Uses your own conflicts as the ‘raw material’ for learning
  • Offers practical tools that can be applied to those conflicts
  • Structured online learning competed at your pace
  • 4 x 2-hour group sessions (one per week x 4 weeks)
  • Practical exercises, paired and group discussion
  • Accessible via smartphone, desktop or laptop

  • Greater understanding of conflict and how it can be transformed – including yours
  • Increased capacity to discuss contested issues openly and positively
  • Learn the practical nuts-and-bolts of how to
  • get the heart of any conflict
  • build trust
  • turn difficult conversations into creative ones
  • be better understood
  • challenge others to bring about a positive result
  • Transferable skills that can be applied in any setting – work, home, society

I recommend this course for anyone who has ever felt stuck in a conflict. You’ll get the tools and language to move forward and transform the situation.

— KD, Lewes, Sussex —

I have been practising the process in work and family situations with great success. Lots of great revelations too!

— AR, Twickenham —

Your well-run course stands out in how it delivers the essence of a lot of theory, with immediate ties to application in practice.

— CG, London—

Thanks for a TOTALLY fantastic course. I've already started using the skills, and am having amazing results. I feel so excited to continue putting these new found techniques into practice.

— RG, Cardiff —

It has made me realise that change is necessary on my part for things to shift. I now have the tools. It was also...FUN.

— KL, London —

What I thought was brilliant about the course was the way that the theory connected to the reality in a completely unexpected way.

— JY, Frankfurt —

It was incredibly beneficial to me and I’m sure to those in my life and beyond.

— CC, London —

Great, great learning and training ... waiting for Level 2!

— SLM, Paris —

Thank you so so much for an incredible course.

— ZP, Cardiff —

Great energy and warmth generated…extremely accomplished.

— TK, London —

— Course Outline —

Week 1

  • the power of ‘understanding first’
  • relationship mapping
  • the summarising habit

Week 2

Conflict 101
  • the key elements of conflict
  • from fighting to problem-solving
  • the trust template

Week 3

  • understanding needs, values and non-negotiables
  • PIN analysis and your conflict
  • creativity and meeting needs

Week 4

Transformation 101
  • challenging with empathy
  • why words matter
  • opening up creative solutions

Our expert tutors are hugely experienced and so confident you’ll benefit from learning how to apply our secret sauce that if you feel you haven’t gained anything by the end of the course we’ll refund 100% of your fee.

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