Transform Conflict
Senior Teams

Transform Conflict for Senior Teams is a discreet process that takes a deadlocked leadership group on a working ‘journey’ together to transform their conflict into creativity and collaboration.

Each participant is supported throughout the process via confidential 1-2-1 conversations with our facilitators. This gives individuals the freedom to discuss any issue arising from the process and helps foster more productive and positive relationships within the group.

There are three distinct stages in this journey and there might be some bumps along the way. But the end result – we guarantee – will be more a united, more collaborative and more creative group.

With new skills for transforming conflict into gold.

— 01 —

Where are we now?

Stage 1 constitutes the bulk of the work that the group undertakes together, forging an agreed view of the current conflict and developing the skills and perspectives to transform it.

  • Five webinars increase clarity on Conflict 101, Understanding First, Staying Open, Challenging with Empathy and Taking Responsibility
  • Group members develop their capacity for creative conversation with each other
  • Extensive intra-group conversations create a new  narrative – from Story to Real Story to Right Story
  • Greater understanding of the key elements of conflict
  • Increased capacity to discuss contested issues openly and positively
  • Fresh insight into the group’s conflict and how to reframe it positively
  • Everyone feels heard and understood
— 02 —

Where do we want to be?

Stage 2 focuses on where the group wants to be – collectively – instead of where it is now and forges a consensus view.

  • Using the understanding and skills developed in Stage 1, the group explores options to develop a ‘new normal’, based on increased collaboration and creativity
  • There is a change of gear from convergent, problem-centred thinking to divergent and future-oriented creativity
  • Specialist facilitation supports the process
  • Creative conversations 1-2-1 continue between all parties
  • An agreement in principle is reached by the group
  • The commitment of each individual to that agreement is secured
  • The group experiences increased collaboration and creativity in its working interactions
  • Hope emerges
— 03 —

How do we get there?

Stage 3 completes the journey by turning the agreements of Stage 2 into a practical and realistic plan.

  • The group generates ideas for specific actions to achieve the new normal...
  • Chooses and commits to the most beneficial, practical and achievable options and...
  • Formulates a plan to carry out those actions – who, what, when, where, why and how
  • Specialist facilitation supports the process
  • Creative conversations 1-2-1 continue between all parties
  • A practical plan that will deliver the group’s ‘new normal’
  • Direct experience of conflict transformation that can be used in any future conflict
  • Greater general awareness of the value of conflict transformation and creative conversation skills
  • A stronger, more resilient group with confidence in the future
  • A lot of time, effort, money and personal grief saved – by everyone

I really enjoyed your course… The content and the coaching sessions were very helpful and interesting. Definitely changed the way I communicate!

— NED —

A unique piece of learning, guiding us to a series of outcomes, and providing tools for use in a range of future environments. Thank you.


I found the process to be useful for me personally and I have taken things from it that I am using on a regular basis… I have found myself consciously try to better understand others’ positions in other situations.

— CFO —

It has united a number of the board members more closely. There has been honest and open dialogue…

— CEO —

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