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Help people connect across divides - at home, at work and in society.

Develop the 7 Habits of Creative Conversation to forge deeper connections and overcome division.

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How can you turn things around? 

The quickest and most effective way to improve any human connection is to change how you talk and listen to that other person.

Simple – but not easy.

That's why we've developed this radical new approach – the 7 Habits of Creative Conversation.

Come and join us

We’re seeking pioneers to road-test our online course.

How do the 7 Habits help you build stronger human connections? How do they help make your life happier, more harmonious and more productive?

We need your feedback, so join the pilot and try the course at a pace that suits you. There's no cost and no catch. Just share your experience to help us make the app better.

Peter and Eddy

Peter Osborn and Eddy Canfor-Dumas

Authors, The Talking Revolution

And help start a movement of people looking to forge connections across divides at home, at work – everywhere.

Where do YOU need better connection?

Poor human connection is at the root of so many problems. So where does it hurt for you?

You're part of a dysfunctional organisation, where poor relationships and constant sniping are wearing you down


You want to help make a better society – but barriers and divisions seem to be everywhere



You're not connecting with your partner, a family member, a friend – and it's causing you pain

"This is not just about work. This is universal. It has made me more thoughtful and reflective – and a bit more kind!" 

Alison Hopkins

Healthcare CEO

"I’ve seen people have very different conversations and people who I anticipated would never change have."

Phil Hill

Care Services Director

"It's been really helpful to break down the ways we communicate and tackle each element of having a creative conversation."

Clare Weller

Healthcare Associate Director of Communications

"I’m much more considered and responding rather than reacting."

Virginia Blakely

Family Support Charity Senior Manager

"It pushed me out of my comfort zone – but that has made it particularly valuable."

Rachel Theobold

Healthcare Executive Assistant

"The course helped us really open up with each other and become more approachable. It’s changed each one of us for the better."

Jo Spooner

Care Services Senior Manager

"It’s something that every healthcare professional should be involved with."

Sally Lavender

Hearing Therapy Lead

"Basic communication skills in healthcare are broken. If we just had some of this kind of learning at the beginning it could just be so valuable."

Sarah Pascoe

Palliative Care Nurse

"It gives you so much more capacity and understanding of how you work with people."

Jason Joseph

Healthcare Senior Transformation Lead

"It it has definitely made me more positive going into all conversations in work and home life."

Tanya Ayers

Education Staff Director

"We’re getting more done. People are being more honest. It’s been life-changing."

Nancy Bradshaw

Family Support Charity Senior Manager

"It’s not just communication. It’s making me think ‘What do I need to do better in my job to help the stakeholder?'"

Lisa Hopper

Education Special Needs Co-ordinator

"A brilliant course. I have taken so much away that I will implement within my day-to-day."

Roxy King

Healthcare Staff Director

"I’ve really started to use it now and seen the benefits of it actually working – and it’s just huge."

Sara McDerra

Care Services Manager

"It gives you the confidence to go out there in what is a very difficult working world and create better working relationships."

Anna Carey

Community Children’s Nurse

"It really has changed my whole outlook on things. Staff morale is definitely higher. There’s been a real shift."

Krissy Yates

Education Executive Principal

"Hugely beneficial for anyone wishing to develop advanced skills in communication, collaboration and problem-solving."

Deborah French

Healthcare HR Director

"I’m thinking a lot more about what is going on for the other person and how that informs what we then do, which is hugely valuable."

Liam Finnigan

Family Support Charity Deputy CEO

Help people connect across divides - at home, at work and in society

Develop the 7 Habits of Creative Conversation to forge deeper connections and overcome division.

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