Transform poor relationships at work

Clashes. Misunderstandings. Badly managed feedback and poorly handled conflict. The workplace is a minefield – and can make your life a misery.

But you don't have to suffer.

With creative conversation you can take charge and change your work relationships for the better.

You can learn to apply the skills of creative conversation and experience the benefits – from Day 1.

Don’t take it from us...
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Make creative conversation work for you.

Catalyse Collaboration

Everyone in your organisation can add more value by using creative conversation to spark open, positive and dynamic working relationships. 

Increase engagement, deepen understanding and strengthen connection between colleagues, customers and suppliers.

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Transform Conflict

Conflict can be draining, corrosive – and costly. But creative conversation can transform it into a source of collaboration, creativity and value.

Turn confusion into clarity, argument into agreement and problems into progress.

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Where’s the hidden treasure?

Your organisation is a network – a human network. And to operate at maximum value all of the relationships in that network need to be in good condition.

See just how many relationships are possible in any group.

15 relationships

between 6 people

45 relationships

between 10 people

190 relationships

between 20 people

The more people, the more potential relationships – and the more potential for value to be created. 

But seen up close, there’s also more chance of those relationships being weak, broken or even non-existent. In short – here’s your lost value...

...And here’s your hidden treasure

We help you unlock it with creative conversation.


We’ve written books on it

All of our programmes are based on our ground-breaking book, The Talking Revolution, and key elements of Understand to Prevent, the pioneering work – edited and co-written by one of our team – on how military and civilian actors can collaborate to prevent violent conflict.

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