Our Secret Sauce

We bring together decades of experience working in conflict management, communication skills, coaching and the creative arts to offer a unique approach to catalysing collaboration and transforming conflict.

It's based on a secret sauce that blends four key ingredients:


At its heart is Creative Conversation, a form of personal communication that seeks to create value in every interaction, whether it’s a brief chat or an extended dialogue to transform a dysfunctional relationship.

It’s all explained in our ground-breaking book, The Talking Revolution. This has been featured at length in BBC Radio 4’s ‘Word of Mouth’ with Michael Rosen and was used as the basis for the annual ‘Let’s Talk New York’ events in Manhattan in 2019 and 2020.


Then there are the insights into collaboration and conflict developed in Understand to Prevent: the military contribution to the prevention of violent conflict. This was another ground-breaking, multinational project in which one of our team took a lead role.


Next is the proven framework of the Egan 3-Stage Model, developed by our longtime friend and colleague Gerard Egan, Professor Emeritus of Organization Development and Psychology in the business school of Loyola University of Chicago.


Everything is founded on our four core values – to be always:

to different people, ideas and challenges

in finding new ways forward

seeking to meet basic human needs

in the realities of daily life, not in theory or dogma

Blend together these four ingredients and you have Catalyse Collaboration and Transform Conflict – powerful vehicles for unlocking value in any organisation.

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