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Updated: Jun 10

Woman behind mock prison bars

I just heard a piece on BBC R4 about the increasing links between financial problems and mental health issues across the UK.  A young mum was talking about the huge strains of supporting two children under five because of the high costs of childcare. There were many other stories.

In the discussion that followed one of the experts said how helpful talking therapies can be in supporting mental health. Trouble is, he said, these services can be hard to access. There are long waiting lists. 

But does it always need a pro? It strikes me that this is something we can all help each other with to some degree. Crises need specialists, for sure. But at a normal, everyday level simply giving someone your attention and helping them talk things through –  without judgement, and without feeling you need to come up with ‘the answer’ – could be just what that person needs right now..

No waiting lists. No cost. Just time very well spent.


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